About searching Tribunal orders

This section of the website features published orders of the Tenancy Tribunal. This initiative has been jointly developed by the Ministry of Justice and Tenancy Services, which is part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Both agencies have responsibility for administratively supporting the Tribunal, enabling it to fulfil its functions and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.

This service is one of many sources of information for landlords and tenants. It is not intended to provide an authoritative background check.

Not all orders will be publicly available, due to legal requirements or an adjudicator's decision not to publish. Orders older than 3 years are not available on this search tool.

It is recommended that you read and understand this information before you begin searching for an order.

1. The Tribunal makes every reasonable effort to ensure it achieves the highest level of accuracy possible when recording the names of the parties involved. However the Tribunal is reliant upon the party who initiated the proceedings to accurately identify the parties.
2. There is no verification undertaken by the Tribunal, or the Ministry of Justice, of the names of the parties recorded in the order it makes.
3. It is intended that Tribunal orders will be published on this site once the decision is final.
4. Orders of the Tribunal are made by independent judicial officers (Tenancy Adjudicators) and cannot be altered in any way.
5. If an order is stayed or overturned as a result of a re-hearing, the original order may not be published.
6. Only the Tribunal itself can amend the order through the statutory re-hearing or appeal provisions.

How do I search for an order?

You can search for orders using:

Please go to the Search Help page for tips on how to search for Tribunal orders.

Hard copies of orders

Tribunal orders are still available for a fee ($10 to search the Tribunal's records and 50c per page for a copy of the record) from the District Court where the tenancy dispute was held. You can search for District Court contact details on the Find us page.

What if there is a possible error in an order?

If you feel an error has been made in a published order, or that it should not be published while other actions take place (such as an appeal), contact tenancytribunal.enquiries@justice.govt.nz

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